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Nathalie Collet

In the 1980s, at the age of 18, Nathalie was initiated in France by her master of painting and sculpture, Inis (Francesco Gallo), to various techniques in plastic arts. After a science baccalaureate, Nathalie studied marketing and business development. She then worked in Paris in the field of professional photography. Voiceover actress for 20 years and until 2020, her voice is referenced in the French-speaking world of audiovisual studios and international voice banks.


Her artistic practice is constantly evolving through multiple experiments, offering her an opening towards other techniques and materials, such as the work of wood, metal, ceramics, textiles, ... She maintains a real passion for misappropriation of objects.


« Since 2018, I have been using paper pulp as a raw material. I make it and apply it to my canvases. I don't know of any other artist working this way. My inspiration is directly linked to childhood, to the soul of a child and more precisely to mine. By disregarding the mind, I work the pulp and witness the birth of characters filled with innocence and various emotions. Their looks and their presence are captivating. »

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