Veronique desjonqueres

V.Desjonqueres portrait.jpg

 “Color is enthusiasm in life”, wrote Van Gogh to his brother. “Enthusiasm” means “God in oneself“.


This is my discovery and my artistic work over the past twenty years, thirteen of which have been spent in South East Asia, India and Spain. My successive expatriation destinations have allowed me to develop this attraction for color and this search for colored harmony. Five years of professional training in visual arts gave me the freedom to express myself further. Painting fills me with joy and soothes me. I want to translate my energy, my vitality, my humanity, my openness to others, my empathy, my confidence in life.  The technique used helps me: the oil, applied with a knife and/or brush, sometimes associated with collages. My painting is characters, places of life and objects transcended by the play of light, colors, texture...


What motivates me: touching people, revealing the beauty of creation, the greatness of man, capturing life wherever it is. 

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