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Valérie Renaud known as “Valou”

Born in 1969; lives and works in Paris

Graduated from the National School of Arts and Crafts and Member of the Maison des Artistes. I have been pursuing my career as a graphic designer for 25 years. After 6 years spent in an advertising agency, I am now a freelance in publishing and I have resumed my passion: Painting.

I create my canvases instinctively, painting is invented gradually.

Even if there is a preliminary sketch, I keep the attitude of the researcher, open to error, to chance and to the happy accident that often goes beyond the original idea.

Do not look in my work for intellectual explanations.

Painting is born from “my depth”, I shout it or whisper it, I feel it.

I hope to suggest intimate emotions to those who look at it, to transport them to a sensitive and instinctive terrain.

For this, I use usual materials (polish, plaster, sand, ropes, nails, coffee, papers and other recycled objects) to which I give a new life.

My paintings are nourished by inner journeys, my taste for matter, geometric shapes and the human body.

Daily experience, simplicity, chance and humor are deciphered in my paintings.

I consider art as a chance to express one's feelings but also a common sensitivity to be shared everywhere and by everyone.

Mr Lisa
50cm x 50cm
Value to be confirmed


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