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I am a paper embroiderer. I embroider on paper and with paper. With a scalpel, ink and Posca markers, I invent lace. I am no model. I improvise. One form calls out another which is connected to yet another. Everything is linked but nothing is anticipated. It's quite meditative. My only constraint is the circle which is the start and the finish. 

I make different kinds of kirigami lace: three mainly and a fourth came naturally and more recently slipped into the others.  

I cut out papers that I superimpose and which form a tangle of papers and lines. 

I incise and lift the paper with my scalpel, forming floral and plant motifs. They are sorts of bas-reliefs. 

I form plant laces with Posca pens by automatic drawing. I  grow vegetation in which I get lost. 

For the color, it's that of the paper that I chose, that of the marker or the ink. It's  usually monochrome. It's more calming. I don't want clashing colors. 

For the past few months, the bird has appeared, no doubt encouraged by the pandemic and the first confinement. I paint them in ink and you can see them behind a cage or in a  branchage. Everyone will see what they want. But they are there.

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Agility in art or creation is the ability to draw emotion from within that nourishes artistic expression.