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The painter Tiven was born in 1973 in Paris. She lives in the Lyon region. After studies in psychology, courses at the Fine Arts, numerous trips and residences abroad, Tiven began a career in advertising. But painting has always followed her. His flat areas, combining faceless postures and colors, highlight the moment, the suggestion of an emotion, a general atmosphere where the observer can become the creator.

Tiven combines face and power of the gaze with a raw and instinctive line. What she seeks above all is to transmit the energy of life, the encounter, like the thrill of a first time. When eyes meet, there is recognition, evidence. When the portrait becomes someone we know, recognize, hope for. When the gaze becomes real, a secret conversation is born between the observer and the subject. Like a thunderbolt...

100cm x 80cm

Acrylic on canvas
Value 2400 euro


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