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sylvie du plessis ⚓️

Born in Lyon in 1963, she grew up in an atmosphere of colors and aesthetics.
Her father, who is a painter, perceives in her from an early age  an attraction and a gift for drawing.
He encouraged her and from the age of 10, she took drawing lessons from the city of Lyon.

The eye, the look and the observation develop and assert themselves over the years.

After her baccalaureate, she joined the School of Fine Arts in Tours. Elle  will appreciate the work of drawing, particularly the study of the nude and the attitudes of the human body.

Then his ease in the appreciation of volumes led him to training in sculpture and modeling in the workshops of the Beaux-Arts in Toulon. It is in Toulon that his work is naturally oriented towards the theme of the sea and the Navy.

In 2000, she met a ceramist who introduced her to the technique of enamel and with whom she discovered Raku.

23cm x 33cm x 18cm
Glazed terracotta sculpture
Value 1100 euros


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