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veronique vanheems

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Malouine, I sail between my two home ports which are wonderful sources of inspiration: Saint Suliac, a village in Terres-Neuvas on the banks of the Rance, between land and sea, and Boston, in the heart of New England, between ocean and mountains.


With an "artistic streak" from my youth, I gradually moved towards this passion for landscape painting, with: a little styling, a lot of interior design, painting on porcelain, travel, art history, meetings with passionate artists ... 

And one day: the desire to paint!!!

A bit like a call, I started with a few skies in pastel, then the sea in gouache… And for the past few years, I have been pursuing the adventure mainly in oil, with an ever greater thirst for discovery and progress. to achieve  fully express my emotions, sensitive to the poetry of colors and the beauty of our world.

Saint Malo
20cm x 40cm
Oil on canvas paper
Value to be confirmed


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