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sophie laroche

Concerned by the environmental emergency, I try to challenge through my sculpture, and to insist on the importance of the preservation of fauna and flora. I seek to highlight the splendours of animals, the humanity of men, but also their precariousness in this world.


I use clay to sculpt figuratively. I have been practicing modeling for twenty years. I like researching volumes and shapes, I refer a lot to anatomy books. The positions and movements come to me thanks to sketches and sketches. 

I work the material by touch, by addition, by successive layers, with a knife for a precise and nervous model. Starting from a fine base, which serves as a framework for my sculpture, to arrive at the final form. Sometimes I scrape the earth to find its grain or I hit it with a stick. Smooth areas appear and make forget some forms, the sculpture becomes simpler.

Other times, my pieces fragment, I scratch my models, I force the viewer's eye to fill in the gaps. Thus showing the precariousness of everyone's existence.


My work is optimistic, the faces are smiling or pensive, I trust people and their ability to bounce back. I hope that during the  encounter with the spectator, my pieces will cause astonishment,  that they will reveal a new message when we turn around, that they_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ give off an atmosphere, an emotion, a feeling.

Bear & baby
29cm x 11cm x 10cm
Smoky Terracotta
Value 300 euros


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