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Sabine Juery

After a scientific training and 8 years of research in biochemistry, I converted to art, and my approach remains that of experimentation through the production of canvases in series, the discovery of new supports, pigments, and an artistic language.


For many years I have been trying to capture the flash of ephemeral light on the water. The hypnotic scintillation of its dancing facets, and the Absolute which crosses us in front of such a free gift of Nature.

I work with pigments to dye natural linen in a fluid and free way. 


Recently, I undertook a work on the vegetation which fascinates me by its capacity to be nourished only by light and minerals… By disregarding its scale, I would like to propose a fantastic world and to imbue the linen with generosity and free photosynthesis!

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-21 at 19.34.25.jpeg
100 cm x 81 cm
Acrylique sur lin naturel
Valeur 1500 euros


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