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Concerned with the environmental emergency, I question through my sculpture, and I insist on  the importance of the preservation of fauna and the flora. I try to highlight the splendor of  animals, the humanity of men, but also their precariousness in this world. To this end, I use clay to sculpt animals and humans in a figurative way. I have been modeling  for about twenty years. I like the research of volumes and forms, I refer a lot to anatomy books.  With or without a model, the positions and movements come to me through sketches. I work the  material by touch, by addition, by successive layers, with the knife for a precise and nervous  modeling. Starting from a fine base, which serves as a framework for my sculpture, to arrive at  the final form. Sometimes I scratch the clay to find its grain or I hit it with a stick. Smooth  patches appear and some shapes are forgotten, the sculpture becomes simpler. At other times, parts of the body disappear, my pieces fragment, I skin my models, I force the  eye of the spectator to fill the gaps. This in order to show the precariousness of the existence of  each one. 

My work is optimistic, the faces are smiling or dreaming, I have confidence in man and his ability  to rebound. I hope that when the viewer encounters my pieces, they provoke surprise, that they  reveal a new message when one turns around, that they give off an atmosphere, an emotion, a  feeling. 

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Sophie Larroche

Donated Artwork

Tête en l'air
14 x 17 x 16 cm
Enameled porcelain
Value €

Sophie Larroche

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