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Marta Alexandra Abbott is a Czech-American artist born in Amsterdam, raised primarily in the U.S., and currently based in Rome. Marta studied fine arts at university, and trained professionally in the fields of art restoration and floral design before turning her full attention to painting. Her fascination with nature has always informed her work, which investigates our human relationship with the natural world. Process and experimentation are fundamental to her practice, in which she primarily uses inks and pigments she makes herself from organic, botanical substances. This has led to a deeper study of the language of color and of the life of organic matter as channels of expression and communication. Marta has exhibited her work in New York, Prague and Rome among other cities. Her work has been written about in various publications and was featured in the book Make Ink ( Abrams Press) by Jason Logan of Toronto Ink Company, and her paintings are in private collections in various countries around the world.

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Marta Abbott

Donated Artwork

Myraid Lights 1
76 x 56 cm
Ink and gouache on paper
Value €

Marta Abbott

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