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I was born in 1990 in Rome where I continue to live and work. Having studied painting early on in my childhood, I continued as an adult, focusing particularly on the second avant-garde movement, abstract painting and the themes of unconscious vision and non-objectivity. In 2009 I began my studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma and completed my thesis on Irregular Art in 2016. This was the result of a year’s collaboration with il Laboratorio di Pittura e Attività Espressiva “Il Matone”, a project within the psychiatric institute San Giovanni di Dio di Genzano.  

In 2017/2018 I participated in a large retrospective with a drawing dedicated to the actor Antonio de Curtis, Totò Genio, Museum of Convento di San Domenico Maggiore, Napoli and the Museo di Roma in Trastevere.
 In 2019 I was awarded the Rospiglio Art Prize in the under 30 category. During the same year I was chosen by the Wunderkammer gallery as one of 15 artists of ‘Herbarium’, a wall mural project in collaboration with world renowned street artist Tellas, within the scope of Project SPACE, Torpignatta, Rome. In September 2020 I was shortlisted for the International Leonardo da Vinci Prize and in October 2020 I took part in Be**pART, the world’s largest group show, curated by Atelier Montèz.

In 2021 I was selected as one of the chosen artists by the jury of Premio Combat and I tok part in the fifth edition of Syart Festi- val in Sorrento and in Contemporanea 2021, held in Palazzo Ducale di Tagliacozzo. In 2022 was among the finalists of the 5th edition of We Art Open curated by No Title Gallery in Venice. 

During the past two years I have been working to develop my skills in classical and artisanal goldsmithing and lost wax casting, both of which are practiced traditions in my family history. This allows me to broaden my stylistic opportunities and further my creative process. 

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Margherita Ferro

Donated Artwork

Game 1
40 x 40 x 2 cm
Oil on canvas
Value €

Margherita Ferro

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