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Maddine Insalaco (  is a painter who divides her life between New York City and Tuscany were she organizes landscape painting workshops ( ) and gastronomic tours ( with her artist husband Joe Vinson. An expert in the field of historic open air painting, she has written articles, curated exhibitions and lectured on the subject in museums and educational institutions in the USA and Italy, including the Palm Springs Art Museum, the National Academy of Design, Sotheby's and  the Museum of Arts and Sciences Macon, GA.  She has shown her work extensively in both solo and group exhibitions in New York, Italy, and France.  In the USA she teaches painting at the Art Students League of New York.

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Maddine Insalaco

Donated Artwork

Castiglion del Bosco Valley, 2020
22,5 x 33 cm
Oil on canvas mounted on creadled panel
Value €

Maddine Insalaco

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