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At 37 years old, I carry the dual heritage of architect and visual artist. I worked for 11 years in architectural agencies in France and abroad before doing my own artistic creation. I am currently part of a collective of women artists: Le Cercle de l’Art and I have exhibited in Rome, Paris and Brittany.  

Leaving the rational plans of architecture towards the limitless horizons of artistic expression, I have now embarked on a quest to marry these two universes, giving birth to works that transcend conventions and open the doors to new worlds. 

My artistic approach is based on a dialogue between reality and imagination, between architectural rigor and creative freedom. Rejecting the limits imposed by constructive constraints, I try to create works that breathe mysterious poetry, landscapes where reality and dreams merge in ethereal harmony. My works are invitations to explore new dimensions, where buildings rise beyond their tangible form to evoke emotions, stories and inner worlds. 

I love working with different materials and experimenting with bold color palettes. Each material has its own characteristics that I use to highlight my speech and my approach. 

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Florence David

Donated Artwork

Venice, San Geremia, 2022
120 x 70 cm
Acrylic on linen
Value €

Florence David

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