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Delfina Giannattasio’s works are the attempt to eternalise stolen instants of the constant movement of the natural world. Her sensitivity to the dimensions of space stems from her early formation as an architect. As an artist, she breaks the rules to transform physical reality into an evocative and emotional one, which is both seen and felt. The study of light, colour and the organisation of space acts as a trigger to call up the familiar, the known, and the lived, both in time and Space. In Giannattasio’s paintings, the landscape offers the opportunity for the eye to become a filter, a threshold between the canvas and the soul. Her approach to abstraction maintains a tension between the real and the imagined through a working process that embraces the behaviour of the matter deployed, always allowing for accident and incident to define a work as not so much finished but complete.The materiality of her works–acrylic, sand and layers of gold, amongst others–signals a persistent reminder that the inner space within us must be in constant balance with the outer world. Giannattasio has explored a wide range of media, including watercolour, oil and acrylic paint on canvas, paper and other materials. She also is engaged with installations, drawing, ceramics and photography. The subjects explored in these media span from architecture, portraiture, nudes to landscapes. She is most known for her production of paintings representing abstract landscapes.

Amongst Delfina Giannattasio’s selected exhibitions are:

“Room With a View”, Contemporary Cluster – Cluster Apartamento, Rome, Italy; 2022

“La Comunità Inoperosa”, Contemporanea VentiVentuno, Tagliacozzo, Italy, 2021; 

“Sh it’s a secret”, Postmasters Roma, Rome, Italy, 2020; 

“En plein Air”, Studio Giga, Rome, Italy; 2019; 

Her works are held in private collections in Europe, the UK and North America. Delfina Giannattasio lives and works in London, UK and Rome, Italy.

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Delfina Giannattasio

Donated Artwork

43 x 43 x 5 cm
Acrylic and sand on canvas
Value €

Delfina Giannattasio

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