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Lives and works in Marrakech and Rome, sharing some time in Venice and Lisbon. For her, the visual arts are just a scripting language. For this reason, experimenting between photography, video and literature she signs each discipline in a different way, while remaining consistent in his work: a storyteller. Every flower has a secret exhibition was the first experiment of a new route through manipulation of images. A new story, a virtual stonemason who tries to bring photography to sculpture. She has exhibited several times in rome. then in London, Tehran and other Italian places. She participated in the Venice Biennale in 2007. She participated in the international festival of photography in Rome in 2010. She has exhibited at the international festival of photography independent of Tehran in 2013. From 2014 she lives in Morocco and, among others, she participated to the international exhibition in mmp+ at Marrakech and les nuits photographiques d’essaouira. in 2016 she showed his first photo-tapestry at Mazad&Art auction at Sofitel in Marrakech. In 2017 participation at the mpa 2017 – maghreb photography awards. In 2018 a video experience without a script: let’s get lost is screened in los angeles at the farhang foundation’s competition. In 2018 also the realization of a documentary: una vera illusione on a photographer of vogue america (gianni penati) during the period of diana vreeland. In Morocco she participated in a film without screenplay experience of Hamid Farjad and Medhi el Azzam as a photographer and actress. At the same time she did a backstage-fiction film without a script. Both films are in the editing phase. There are many photos that are in collections between Bordeaux, Tehran, London, Paris, Rome, Milan, Salento, Venice, Perth, Ibiza, Marrakech, Rabat. Since 2000 she has collaborated with master Iranian filmmakers and photographers Abbas Kiarostami (+) and Seifollah Samadian. She collaborates with Iranian Oscar Award artist Babak Karimi. In Morocco she has collaborated with American master composer Richard Horowitz and Algerian artist Linda Bougherara, Iranian filmmaker Hamid Fardjad. She has published books and cinema storyboard signing with her real name. She signs photographs bies, video installations benescat, art creations are signed in different ways and sb.

Benedetta Scatafassi

Donated Artwork

Le Palme Diptych (set of two)
45 x 60 cm each
Printed and etched fotos on metal
Value €

Benedetta Scatafassi

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