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perrine paving

Perrine Pavageau borrows from the codes of American "greeting" to create graphic and human images that invite remembrance, sharing and celebration. 


A graduate of ESAG/Penninghen, Perrine worked in Paris in an agency and then in corporate communication. Life led her to an 11-year expatriation in New York, during which she worked at the New York Times and collaborated with talented illustrators on marketing campaigns. 


It was in New York that Perrine developed her graphic style combining travel diary, postcard and "greeting card". Her images are a tribute to the enthusiasm of the people she met there, and to the art that Americans have of knowing how to celebrate occasions, moments in life and others. To keep in touch with her loved ones and share her experience with them, she sent them cards made with her collages. 


Back in France, Perrine creates tailor-made images for individuals or companies, as well as message cards for sale in her online store.

Love from Paris
116cm x 89cm
Acrylic painting on canvas
Value 600 euros


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