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olivier arnault

"A map is not the territory it represents" wrote Alfred Korzybski, in an aphorism that inspired Michel Houellebecq.

A map is, indeed, much more than that: it is an invitation to travel, a support for scientific investigations, a privileged observatory to admire the world and its spaces, an open window on the unknown or rather the not yet known.

My love of cards goes back as far as my childhood.

Since then, I have collected them in all their forms: atlases, plans, photos... 

At the same time, I was following my engineering studies (at Arts & Métiers ... CQFD), combining professional life and personal architectural projects. The rigor of the engineer and the aesthetic sensitivity of the artist: this is what characterizes my works.


A continent, a country, a city, the starry sky: my inspiration is infinite, like the world that my works give to discover.

hong kong
60cm x 60cm
Photo & Decoupage
Value 1500 euro


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