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fuchsia is an artist and musician who, in her youth, lived in China and India. She is currently based in Paris. In her artistic practice, she mainly uses watercolor and oil paint. Her work explores the concepts of Good and Evil through a carefully selected color palette incorporating spiritual and magical iconography. fuchsia paints angels and underwater creatures in dreamlike and occasionally darker landscapes. She fervently believes in the power of these celestial beings who observe humanity struggling with the demons she herself gave birth to. In his eyes, angels represent the deepest state of our hearts – love, vulnerability, innocence, purity – states that many of us sadly give up too soon when we leave childhood behind. Funny, sad, but more often contemplative, fuchsia angels invite humans to question the world and its concerns.

His paintings aim to highlight some fundamental issues we face, including the subject of global warming or hyper-technology. 

His technique consists of alternating dynamic brushstrokes with softer and smoother strokes, aiming to bring more light to the contrast between good and evil, the light of the soul and the darkness of the hearts… In the world of fuchsia, sea slugs glide across apocalyptic skies as angels weave their way among candy-colored hills, waltzing toward a shimmering horizon line that could represent eternity… His paintings - range between abstract and semi-abstract. -realism - invite the viewer to a conversation between philosophy and cosmogony without ever forgetting a touch of humor and a touch of hope.

42cm x 59cm
Mixed media on paper
Value to be confirmed


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