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Gaelle Hintzy-Marcel

Gaelle Hintzy-Marcel is a French sculptor living in New York. For 25 years, she has nourished her art through various cultures and encounters while living in France, Indonesia, Russia, India, and now in the United States. She has been exhibiting intensively those last 7 years, mainly in the United states through Solo Shows, Groups Shows and Art Fairs.

In  2023, she was honored to receive an Award from the NAWA (the first professional women’s art organization in the US, established in 1889) for her Resin & Steel Sculpture « Concentration ».Hintzy-Marcel’s work is semi-figurative, using body lines and positions to express emotions and her insightful perspective on life. Currently, her primary materials include steel, plaster, resin, pewter and bronze. Through experimentation and the development of her unique techniques, she opens doors to unexpected discoveries giving her freedom to  share her deep understanding of life.

J'Veux du Soleil

Gaelle Hintzy-Marcel
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