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Nolwenn Heyraud


Nolwenn Heyraud, a French artist currently living in New-York, has explored artistic creation through multiple avenues during her career already spanning 25 years. After graduating with a degree in visual arts, she started her artistic explorations through the lens of painting and mixed media creations. She also shared her knowledge by giving art classes to children and adults alike. Wanting to refine her sculpting skills, she later dedicated seven years to the art form. Throughout these formative years a subject started to permeate her work, that of the women figure, whose complexity and emotions are transcribed in her creations.

In 2013, Nolwenn moved to Asia where she spent five years. Beyond immersing herself into Asian cultures she learned techniques of ceramics, bringing one additional dimension to an already comprehensive set of artistic skills.

The current chapter of her artistic journey started in 2018 after her return to France. After discovering intaglio at the Louvres Paris studio, dry point, linocut and monotypes became her favorite forms of expression, a link between many previous practices. Her works often start with a personal photographic work, catching unique moments of relatives or strangers’ lives, and sometimes with self portraits. She works on silhouettes, attitudes, sparks and she transposes them into a world infused with poetry in delicate wanderings mixed with travel memories and mental projections. She aims to find shelter and peace, inside or outside. Through a stroll between dream and reality, Nolwenn Heyraud invites us on her quest.

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