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noémie hachette

Noémie Hachette has been practicing sculpture for more than fifteen years. The discovery of earth, his favorite material, so alive and carnal, was a real revelation. 


She continues her practice of sculpture, drawing and living model at the Suresnes Arts studio. Through her work on the animal world, the plant and then the human, she seeks to capture a movement, an attitude, an emotion experienced with simplicity and spontaneity. 


Following her private and collective exhibitions at the Galerie du Vert Galant in Paris, at the Graineterie de Houilles, at Art Talents in Guyancourt, Noémie Hachette produced her first bronzes at the Portonville Art Foundry. Rewarded for the Étourdi, the latter is part of the private collection of the city of Houilles.


School teacher and sculptor, Noémie Hachette seeks through her sculpture to capture a fleeting moment.

The earth does not turn round
55cm x 55cm
Steel, iron and patinated terracotta
Value 700 euro

The tree, perfect representative of agility, both robust and flexible, anchored in the earth and twirling in the wind, terrestrial and aerial


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