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noémie debavelaere

After several years modeling the clay, I have dedicated myself to painting for ten years. I live and I paint in the Paris region.


For me, painting is creating this parallel universe that transports me, where I express and share my feelings. My paintings reflect my perception of the world. They are a bridge between the real and the felt.  

I am nurtured by my past as an art historian and by the artists I had the pleasure of meeting, whether they were old, when I worked at the Louvre and Orsay Museums, or contemporary, when I was in charge Patronage and Studio Dessins of Maison Hermès.


From my years of sculpture, I remember the taste for the material: mixture of paints, binders, paper, sand, work with a knife in the thickness of the paste… Working in acrylic was obvious.


I always start from reality, sometimes to better get away from it: one idea generates another, one color applied calls for another, a balance is created, or broken, and you often have to start over... I am a figurative artist who dreams abstract.


I love nature, a constantly renewed source of inspiration. I like the looks  carrying stories of children from the other side of the world. And those of the animals, captured close-up. I like color and light, those of the seas and  of the land.  I like matter, especially that worked over time.


I like to move from one universe to another, a pretext to express my sensitivity and my emotions.

first light
60cm x 80cm
Acrylic on canvas
Value 980 euro


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