Muriel Kerba

M.Kerba portrait.jpg

Graduated from Penninghen, I became a graphic designer in publishing and then communication before branching off into illustration. Parallel to my professional career, a desire for personal artistic research emerges. In 2010 I embarked on this path. Quickly a first exposure gives me an impulse and consolidates my desire to go further. I then discovered ceramics and then screen printing. Two axes of creation made of requirement and patience. I am starting a work as a solitary, addictive and resourcing researcher, driven by an empirical and experimental approach. 

This approach nourishes me and takes me closer to the intimate through a perpetual questioning. Recently, the work of cut paper imposed itself on me.

I am inspired by the botanical register. This plant universe teems with developing cells taking the form of bulbs, germs, roots or ramifications. Their organic structures become the main characters of abstract compositions and allow me to evoke a parallel world that escapes the naked eye: that of the infinitely small as well as the infinitely large.

Muriel.Kerba Donation insectejaune.jpg
Muriel.Kerba Donation fruitbleu_.jpg