Mary Judge

Marie Juge, ceramic sculptor. 


For 10 years as a seamstress of minerals, she creates silhouettes of haute couture materials in her workshop in Paris.

She is inspired by Haute Couture and the textile universe. She plays on a balance between the rawness of raku and the delicateness of lace in her Parisian workshop.

Each year she offers us a real theater of improvisations around fashion shows during the Parisian season. The sculptures stand out with their earthy tones and the strength of the materials. This self-taught artist, winner of the Paul Belmondo prize at the Salon d'Automne 2007, works on instinct and does not hesitate to break free from academic rules to create her own volumes. Some of his pieces with fluid contours tend towards abstraction while others, with thick and sinuous reliefs, seem to be rooted in the ground.

capeline-150cm-1800 euros.jpg
Juge A1.jpg
Juge B1.jpg

In these complicated times, the resilience of the earth, founder of civilizations, and the agility of the hands of the sculptor reveal the inert earth and Haute Couture in motion in silhouettes that parade through our cozy interiors.