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laure germain

"Imagination is nothing but the subject conveyed in things."

Gaston Bachelard

Neither classic nor cubic, my painting cannot be defined simply: lively and colorful, moving and offbeat.


Harmony of forms, I draw my inspiration from all kinds of subjects: urban landscapes, still lifes, seascapes, landscapes,  ...


In recent years, my work has led me to explore the interactions between different materials, mixing, at will, acrylic, oil, pastel, ink, but also paper, fabrics, threads, sand, ….

My philosophy could be summed up as follows: light is an even more beautiful quality than color. 


Self-taught, I followed internships in the workshops of Sofia VARI-BOTERO, Geraldiny and at the Montparnasse workshop of the City of Paris.

Donation Le jardin d'hiver 24x42cm.jpg
The winter garden
24cm x 42cm
Paint and fabric
Value to be confirmed


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