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laure debrosse

As a child, I photographed the most complicated angles of my house just for the strength of their abstraction.
As a teenager, I searched the city for the scum of “dark areas” for the simple power of bringing light there. 
It has never left me. (Abandoned factories, car wrecks, prisons...)
In Russia, extremely powerful nature seized me, photographing it became a necessity.
Following my geographies, I have always sought and extracted these urban and human areas at the margin. 
Abstraction is the red thread of all my "zones in between" and my geographies. 
It is obvious, it connects the invisible to each other and infinitely frees my mind.

The given photograph is taken from his “Art plastic” series exhibited at Fringe Coffee Photography in Paris in 2022. 
"Made on the assembly line, travellers, marrying all forms with docility, temporary passengers in our homes, thrown away, sometimes stranded, this geographical waste tells of my interior landscapes touching on the idea of vague self-portraits".

plastic arts
100cm x 66cm
Value to be confirmed


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