Isabelle Lévesque

Born in 1954 in Tananarive, IEP Paris 1978, School of Fine Arts in Brest in 1980-81, I continued my artistic training according to the assignments of my naval officer husband: drawing lessons, live model, practice of watercolor and pastels.

The discovery of sculpture in Tahiti in 1998 aroused a new passion. Passed by various workshops, I have been working for a few years on the live model at the Beaux Arts workshops of the city of Paris, with Philippe Jourdain, himself a pupil of Charles Auffret and Philippe Cardot.

Since 2008, local and workshop exhibitions  

Since 2009, annual exhibition with the group of artists of the memory of Corot of which I am a member.

2009 – 2018, permanent exhibition at the Karin Carton Gallery, passage from the Geôle to Versailles, until its closure.

2012, exhibition at the Galerie Bansart in Paris

2015, exhibition on the Cercle de la mer barge in Paris

Levesque 8.jpg

The clay is nimble between the fingers of the sculptor. A dose of Love, a dose of Humor, the artist tries to capture fleeting emotion, sensitivity, beauty.