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Helene d'Annoville

Hélène d'Annoville was born in 1974. Sensitized to art from an early age thanks to her grandfather and her father, they allowed her to develop her sense of observation, show her the colored harmonies and the movements in the Norman landscapes. Hélène thus develops in contact with them a keen curiosity about all painting techniques, in a very playful way.

At 14 Hélène is a pupil of Arnaud de Mezerac, who teaches her the rigor and the basics of this discipline. In 2007, Hélène completed the Martenot training. The famous phrase “the blossoming of the person  through art”  resonates in her as obvious.

In 2012, Hélène met the "Petit Canon", directed by Elisabeth Viat and then illustrated the posters for the concerts. Then she proposes to the "Petit Canon" to translate the songs of the choir into her mode of expression, painting, thus allowing a fusion of these two arts with the public.

Hélène draws her strength and energy from her journey. She paints today  her own atmospheres, her personal colorful harmonies, and goes as far as possible in her means of expression. His sensitivity is expressed in his style.

The solitary
100cm x 100cm
Oil on canvas
Value 900 euros


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