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Helen Averous

Hélène Avérous discovered in Asia the happiness and joy of expressing herself through painting and writing during a period of deep introspection and personal transformation.

Self-taught, she exhibited very quickly in Singapore on themes related to childhood and yoga.

Bathed in Asian culture, she trained in the techniques and spirit of traditional Chinese painting mainly with Junneng Lin before returning to France in 2016.

Encouraged by her friends, she took the plunge, exhibited her Indian inks in 2019 and began to realize the power of art to communicate what can only be communicated through the magic of silence.

At the heart of her creations, she remains deeply attached to the spirit of Asia, to the thirst for Truth, peace and harmony.

She loves inner solitude and letting herself disappear into the heart of a landscape or a forest.

Indian ink allows him to combine the cultures that mark his existence, inviting the viewer to be surprised by the strength and finesse of opposites such as emptiness and fullness or the visible and the invisible and to feel the breath at the source of all creation.

Autumn Light 
80cm x 40cm
Indian ink & pigments on paper
Value: to be confirmed


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