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gaëlle hintzy-marcel

Gaëlle Hintzy-Marcel is a French sculptor who lives and works in New York.


For 20 years, Gaëlle has nourished her art with different cultures and encounters while living in France, Indonesia, Russia, India and now in the United States. 


In New York, since 2016, she has become a member of the prestigious Art Student League, where her art has been rewarded with an “Award” in the semi-abstract category for her pewter sculpture “Past-Present”. Most recently, she exhibited with Women Artists From France to USA at the Victori + MO Gallery in Chelsea, as well as at the Together We Art / LP4Y Art Fair in New York.


« My work is mainly figurative, I use the body positions of my sculptures to share my emotions and my perception of the world. My sculptures have names like Balance, Flight, Humility, Gratitude or Femininity…. 


I like to play with matter. Each of my sculptures is the result of a long process, in which I interact with it. It's an approach that is often empirical, definitely experimental, a real “playing field” that excites me on a daily basis. My favorite materials are bronze, pewter and wood.”

Feminity 5 Black
107cm x 13cm x 13cm
Sculpture in resin, wood and steel
Value 1200 euros


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