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Emmanuelle Boudailliez

An artistic fiber and a taste for creation, a sensitivity to craftsmanship in general and the desire to share a simple, graphic, refined aesthetic allowed the creation of Sous le Soleil exactly 3 years ago.


Malaysia, the United States, and Australia are all destinations where Emmanuelle has always liked “doing” her ten fingers. "I have to take this desire to create from my mother, whom I have constantly seen being passionate about a creative project in progress". Inspired by the discovery of different cultures, by the collections of American museums, by Asian art and Aboriginal art, Emmanuelle tries out different mediums during her expatriations. "I am constantly drawn to what is displayed on the wall. Paintings, drawings, maps, photos; as soon as it is graphic, it speaks to me! The current trend of framed walls delights me!" "When I discovered the cyanotype process in 2018, I was immediately seduced by the monochrome graphic potential of this art."


Halfway between photography and painting, the works create a dialogue between Prussian blue, white, gold and primary colors. With the help of Isabelle who has joined the adventure, Emmanuelle revisits the charm of a 19th century technique to produce works with very contemporary graphics.

50cm x 70cm
Value 300 euros

Emmanuelle Boudailliez offers us a cyanotype of the map of your choice.
This work will be the subject of a lottery that will take place throughout the exhibition. The map shown here is an example of the proposed cyanotype.


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