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Eddie Malterre



The jigsaw puzzle of a disjointed life, rich in experiences and surprises.

Eddie Maleterre was born in France near Paris. At a very young age he started his career as a public relations press officer in Geneva, Switzerland. It was during a summer tour in the south of France with singers that he discovered his new passion, the art of make-up.

He spent time backstage observing the effect of the transformation that cosmetics bring to a face. He then combined his two passions, playing with the colors and textures on a face, learning all the secrets and sharing his discoveries. He returned to Paris and very quickly became the ambassador of one of the most prestigious beauty brands in the world, L'Oréal Paris. From fashion shows to photo-shoots, from magazines to interviews, his international reputation takes him all over the world to express his talent as a beauty designer.

Eddie Maleterre arrived in Canada in 2000.

He discovers the need to express his deep observation of life in a new way, thanks to the meditation he has always practiced. 

He explores above all paper, a texture that speaks to him. He tries to express himself in a minimalist way by sweeping away all the polluting information, leaving only the essential which he remodels. Then comes the canvas and the acrylic. Eddie continues his artistic approach... He expresses himself by experimenting with different media, curious to see his creativity evolve. He sometimes destroys his works of yesterday to better discover today, not knowing where his creativity will take him tomorrow. 

His works give off the feeling of his spontaneity and sensitivity of the moment, the present moment, a deconstructed harmony interwoven with discovery, love, hope and exchange. 

The puzzle of a disjointed life, rich in experiences and surprises.



From face to canvas 

An internationally renowned alchemist and make-up artist, Eddie Maleterre has always known how to make faces an open book, barely veiled, of the souls that animate him.

Through painting, he has freed himself from the tenuous surfaces of the face to, in turn, reveal his being. A being peaceful who lives the present moment without barriers, without constraints or fear of judgment. A being with multiple facets which in turn are illuminated by its pigments with changing colors and shades.

"Always start something else, it's what follows that counts," said Paul Buissonneau. This sentence gives rise to the idea of Eddie Maleterre's inspiring and abstract work. Defining his work as an exercise, he listens to his instinct and awakens his inner muse through meditation.

He lets himself be carried away by his gestures, refusing all control in order to give the most freedom and impulse to his canvas. When the soul comes to life, it plunges into his painting and is drawn by a universal writing, that of art.

Eddie Maleterre does not paint. He describes his beliefs and values with a simple humanistic message "TO BE".

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