Corine Lucas

When I was young, I was immersed in an artistic environment, thanks to my sculptor mother. 

Painting has become my passion, my universe, my joy. I look at life around me, capture moments, visit exhibitions, leaf through newspapers, take walks, travel, all means are good to find varied subjects.

But it will sometimes take me several months  to want to use his data. 

I also like to learn different techniques using walnut husk, tempera, making a wax medium, using ink...


When I go up to my studio, the smell of turpentine and medium greets me. I feel good. The urge to paint doesn't happen right away, I often start by leafing through a book, arranging pigments, classifying...  And at a precise moment that I don't know at the moment advance, I am attracted by a subject. And here again, several approaches are possible. I make a sketch to find a nice layout, I draw or I prepare my palette and I attack directly in oil. I am pushed in his moments by a positive energy. Then I doubt, undo, rebuild, until the result pleases me.

Lucas 1.jpg

The past is behind us, we don't know what the future will bring, let's capitalize on  the present by showing resilience.