clemence hacot

C.Hacot portrait.jpg

At the age of 8, after a meeting, I dreamed of becoming a painter, being an artist… In 2015, I gave birth to my twins and I decorated my interior. These personal and other professional experiences give me the impetus to express myself and devote myself to my art! 

Finally, I can bring the works of my heart to life! Magnetized by the painted decorations, by the strength provided by the material and the enchantment created by the colors, I combine these 3 elements to rethink interiors and create my paintings.

I like tableaux vivants, made of mixed materials to which I associate colours, gold and movements. They thus offer constantly different perspectives on the work, the opportunity to escape, imagine, reflect, let go, dream, smile, remember, project, live the moment, gain strength...

My works are authentic, mineral, biting and alive. They connect us to what we are: matter and energy.

C.Hacot Oeuvre 1 Donation.jpg

We choose our life, everything can change, everything is possible.


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