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christele guerard

I discovered sculpture during my stay in India, in New Delhi, more than 22 years ago. She accompanied me to Japan, after Brazil, France and England. My inspiration was nourished little by little by reading the worlds around me and my work evolved thanks to the techniques that I acquired from the masters I met.


Since 2004, I have been wondering about the dimension of the soul and its possible representation: how to materialize the idea of the passage from one world to another? This research has evolved in space and time and has taken different forms, in particular that of the "Diaphanes".


In Japan, in 2017, the soul “incarnated” into a pure form, without beginning or end, an Egg. To this form I wanted to associate Haïkus (very short poems) and words borrowed from Zen Buddhism to reinforce my point and give strength to the line. These Scriptures for me underline the impermanence of being in the face of nature. Arrived in Rennes in September 2019, I continue this research in sculpture but also in engraving, a discipline that I then started in Brittany.

Open Soul - Nerikomi
16cm x 18cm x 18cm
White & black porcelain, Nerikomi or mixed clay technique
Value 650 euro

Being agile in my life means being ready to face new situations to learn and "unlearn" to move forward


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