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celine senlis

Wood is his first crush. But after a few years in a carpentry workshop where she designed and made furniture, she discovered modelling, a prerequisite for any work in wood.

With the earth, she takes pleasure in shaping it, touching it, making expressive bodies and looks appear.

Through sculpture, she expresses her curiosity for humans in all their diversity. She models the lines, curves and volumes that form the immense diversity of bodies, according to their maturity, their ethnicity, their terroir, their experience. Beyond the physical aspect, it tries to expose feelings like laziness, well-being, tenderness, happiness, etc. His characters hook us with their gaze, their way of occupying space.
His sculptures send us back strength and softness, abandonment and a lot of energy.

Today, she opens her Parisian studio for adult classes in order to pass on her passion.

In her arms
37cm x 12cm x 12cm
Value 2100 euro


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