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catherine de kerhor


For twenty years, through her instinctive relationship with matter and her sensitive gaze on the world, Catherine de Kerhor has been able to create her own signature: natural mastery of volumes, strength of a singular model, agility in translating movement, obvious magnetism.


Its feminine bronze motifs are the pivot of its aestheticism. They touch us by their beauty, but above all by their great interiority, because they are as if crossed by their own humanity. In her Parisian studio, Catherine does not wonder why she creates. She creates. Its production is fiery; his works are both powerful and poetic, in a mute and essential form of expression of being. When she moves away from bronze to work in resin, she still displays her ease in freeing movement, but also her passion for dance.


An artist ignorant of her own mythology, Catherine de Kerhor pursues her path by delighting the world with animal bronzes of moving strength and sincerity.

by Astrid Renoult, journalist

The beach
30cm x 12cm x 12cm
Value 2300 euros


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