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catherine de callatay

Painter, Catherine de Callataÿ, born in Brussels in 1967, travels around the world and participates in several artists' studios from Seoul to São Paulo before settling in Paris in 2018.


Since 2020, Korean paper, Hanji, has served as a support for her to compose landscapes and shapes inspired by nature, using inks and watercolors. His preference is always for simplicity, clean lines. 


She uses this highly resistant mulberry paper, with a padded appearance, to create works that combine games of transparency and subtle tints of ink. She sometimes maroufles her works using the Japanese ura-uchi technique.


Through the use of fine and delicate papers, she wishes to explore the infinite beauty of the fragile. She wants to keep the frayed edges of her supports because irregularity and imperfection are for her a source of poetry. 


The discovery of the work of artists such as Lee Ufan or the architect Tadao Ando who seek stripping and connection with nature and the cosmos were founding for her. There is a certain spirituality in the act of painting, a letting go that allows the right gesture. We start again tirelessly before finding the right harmony.

95cm x 40cm
Ink on mulberry paper, hanji, Japanese ura-uchi marouflage collage
Value 990 euro


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