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axelle mussat

Since her earliest childhood, Axelle has loved creating things with her hands.


Painter for many years, she discovered modeling more than 10 years ago and is particularly interested in live models. Giving birth to a living being expressing emotions from a piece of clay is each time a renewed, fascinating and bewitching process. Both his animals and his human beings are all of great sensitivity, and are shaped with technique and passion.

Axelle also likes drawing, composition and color. She moves from painting to sculpture with fervor and enthusiasm. The sculpture is actually a 3D drawing! After having been an English teacher in primary school for a long time, she followed the Martenot professional training in plastic arts. She teaches this pedagogy today in her studio to adults and children and helps them to flourish through art. She also devotes a lot of her time to charities for the most humble.

24cm x 20cm x 24cm
Value 500 euros


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