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Antonio Azzato

Azzato, creator of "Meninas Madrid Gallery", the largest outdoor exhibition in the world, is trained in the world of Engineering. Azzato also has expertise in the marketing space, for having studied the Master's Degree in Commercial Management and Marketing at the Business Institute in Madrid. He has had the opportunity to live in different cities. His passion for Art and Design led him to New York to study interior design at the Parsons School, where he developed the intervention technique he uses to create his work.


A Venezuelan, of Italian and Spanish origin, is considered a citizen of the world. Azzato is a provocateur by nature, he considers artistic activity as something that transcends a style or a trend, art for him represents a universal language. For years he has studied Velázquez's work, specifically the painting of Las Meninas. Azzato intends to free the object 'Menina' from the opinion of the traditional observer, to cover it semantically and continue with the transmission of the infinite message that Velázquez began.


The mixture of his technical and artistic training has been key to the development of his Meninas Gallery project, which has had throughout his four outdoor exhibitions, with the participation of more than 200 artists who have collaborated with Azzato to bring art closer to people by transmitting a message through the Meninas as a blank canvas, and raising more than 550,000 euros for different charitable foundations after auctioning some of his pieces at the Sotheby's auction house.


Azzato's work has positioned the silhouette of the Menina as the new icon of the city of Madrid in the world.


Azzato currently resides in the city of Madrid preparing his fifth urban exhibition and leading his new project, Velázquez Tech Museum, a new space that has opened its doors in the center of the city, in which art and technology are mixed to give the viewer an immersion in art through technology and the masterpiece of Velázquez, a space that has come to become the Museum of the Future.

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