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antoinette rozan

Antoinette Rozan gives Body to Emotions and Movement to Matter.

His work is the very expression of Movement, Freedom and Paradox: matter takes shape in a surge of Energy and an explosion of colors. Each of his works is an ode to Being. She uses universal symbols carrying a message to express the complexity of Life with the greatest simplicity: a call to Self-Love.

His work is a joyful mirror to open Minds and Hearts to Life. His dearest desire is to create emotion. She wants to share messages in life and in the city, a bit like banners of universal love to tell you: “Remember to love yourself in order to love others”.

Born in 1970, from a line of five generations of painters, engravers, sculptors and architects, Antoinette is intrinsically an artist. Self-taught, she exhibits internationally, from Geneva to Hong Kong. She creates on different supports, with different materials: India ink on paper, bronze, silicone, metal, resin. She explores life in 2D, in 3D, through welcoming and joyful monumental sculptures.

76cm x 57cm
Indian ink on paper
Value 1100 euro

In any precarious situation that requires adaptation, I Meditate to take the time to restore my Value, to open up to myself, love myself, to offer myself a parenthesis of peace by rediscovering my own rhythm, my inner subtlety. I'm trying to catch my breath! The Breath of Life.


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