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aline fountain

Self-taught artist born in 1970, I discovered the pleasure of creating around thirty years ago through painting and particularly by working with watercolors and oils.

Today I find my happiness in sculpture, discovered 10 years ago during an expatriation in London.

Back in the Paris region, I work in the “Carré des Arts” studio in La Celle Saint Cloud.


The truth revealed through the human body is an inexhaustible source of creation and inspiration for my sculptures.

It is a work of observation, contemplation, research. It is a way of celebrating the living being and revealing the grace and sensuality that make it its very essence.

I feel in the work of clay and wax, a strength, a softness, an emotion that touch me and amaze me. A time of escape and discovery.


If I manage to share even a tiny part of all this emotion, then my sculpture will find its meaning.

Stolen nap
17cm x 7cm
Value 900 euros


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