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The group exhibition Together We Art is a fundraising initiative in support of Life Project 4 Youth. 

It uses art as a means to raise awareness about the access to decent working opportunities for marginalized Youth.


Axelle Mussat - Le repos

Together We Art: The Genesis

Since the first edition in New York City in 2018, artists and art lovers have come together to raise funds and awareness for LP4Y, a global organization fighting for the inclusion of marginalized Youth. LP4Y believes in the potential of art and the engagement of the art community to inspire social change.


Together We Art invites artists sensitive to Youth empowerment to present pieces of art to be sold during the exhibition, which lasts from 2 to 4 days and includes a series of panel discussions. All profits directly support LP4Y learning centers across the world.

Discover Each Edition

A beautiful art exhibition hosted in a prestigious rooftop gallery on the Champs Élysées, auctioned to fund LP4Y’s many projects.


NOV 17-19, 2023
Coming soon


Every year since 2018, TWA NY gathers a curated selection of dedicated artists and galleries who present and sell their artworks for the benefit of LP4Y.


NOV 30 - DEC 2, 2023
Coming soon


A community of local artists and philanthropic art lovers working in collaboration to improve job opportunities for excluded Youth


OCT 18-23, 2023
Palazzo Velli Expo


An exhibit to the profit of LP4Y

Life Project 4 Youth Alliance is a federation of 17 organizations in 14 countries which aims at enabling Young people (17-24 years old) to overcome extreme poverty on the long-term, thanks to various programs, awareness campaigns and a dedicated support to organizations already engaged for a better inclusion.

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